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Article: Your Stories

Your Stories
Your Stories

Your Stories

 Savitha Suri

CSR initiatives in the handloom sector are not seen often; and when seen they are usually restricted to funding, grants, and similar activity.

Aadyam Handwoven is an initiative of the Aditya Birla group that works with weavers in Bhuj, Varanasi and Pochampally on creating a high-quality range of home furnishing, accessories, dupattas and saris.

This sari is from their Varanasi collection - a smart, chic silk in shades of brown and black, the geometric motifs woven with precision and finesse.

But what makes the sari very special that this one is the spouse’s first online purchase of anything remotely connected to clothes - especially for me.

It is his Diwali gift, and the man has proven - once again - that he has excellent taste.

Pankaj Gupta

I had always dreamt of owning these subtle renditions from the pages of coffee table books and leaves that preened the most exquisite of interiors in palaces of royal India. An integral part of growing up, you just never found authentic kimkhabs or brocades that could well grace the private chambers of royalty.

To my utter delight a friend introduced me to Aadyam. Love at first sight, flutter that wouldn’t calm down in the rib cage, as I fell in love afresh each day with these gracious heirlooms. Treating myself to a few, I’d frame these beauties if I hadn’t ordered the fillers.

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