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Article: Defining art, craft & design | Aadyam's journey to preserve handwoven crafts

Defining art, craft & design | Aadyam's  journey to preserve handwoven crafts

Defining art, craft & design | Aadyam's journey to preserve handwoven crafts

What defines art? What defines functionality? What defines craft? What defines design? What defines a craftsman? What defines a designer?

There are many questions, which we at Aadyam constantly explore and analyze. We spare no effort to break these boundaries and perennially devote ourselves to preserve the handwoven crafts and the craftsmen behind it.

The concept of a designer and their role, that emerged over years, in creating a product, has disrupted the original role of our craftsmen. In the earlier times craftsmen had the same status as that of an artist. They created for pleasure and presented to the connoisseurs of art and enjoyed their patronage. The royalty of then has now been replaced by the discerning audience of today.

Aadyam continues to strive to maintain this beautiful relationship between the creator and the consumer. While trends come and go and seasonality brings in new flavors and colors, the craft must live on. Utilizing the skill, talent, passion and inherent style sense of the craftsmen is the guiding force in creating seasonal collections at Aadyam. Why is that so relevant? In an ever dynamic, trend driven lifestyle industry there is always a place for the classics. Classics are everlasting and they do not fade or diminish with times. However what does make them relevant forever is their flexibility to evolve, redefine and reimagine themselves without losing its core.

Any distortions, simplifications, deviations from the original craft technique are carefully avoided to ensure that authenticity of a technique is not compromised. A trend defines the cosmetic overlay onto the original. Without really minimizing the impact of any given trend we, at Aadyam retain the crafts core strength and distinction.

We seek to reach out to a discerning audience that treasures the authenticity, distinguishes the handmade over a cookie cut and has a passion for art over consumption.

Embracing the art form and reinterpreting it into utility without degrading it into pure functionality is a journey we have started. Continue enjoying our products and its nuances in our Journal.

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