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Come and be part of our ever-growing community that celebrates art, culture, and social responsibility.
Join us at our upcoming events and exhibits to witness the magic of Aadyam Handwoven unfold before your eyes.

Pracheen | A textile Atelier

Our collection, curated with an eye for rare beauty, transports visitors on a journey through the rich tapestry of culture and history. Each textile bears the mark of a narrative that spans generations, rendering them timeless treasures deserving of their place in a museum. Pracheen stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of human ingenuity, preserving the art of handloom textiles for generations yet to come.



Art and handloom aficionados came together to embrace the essence of spring with vibrant colors, fresh blooms, and a lively ambiance. From stunning showcases to engaging conversations with Varun Rana, it was a Basant to remember.


An extraordinary celebration of tradition, as we paint the world with the colors of love, unity, and cultural pride. Gul is not just a festival; it's a journey that binds us to our roots and celebrates the essence of life itself. Let your spirit soar amidst the blossoms, and experience the magic of Braj ki Phoolon wali Holi at Gul, where ancient traditions and contemporary artistry entwine in a joyous symphony.

The Luxo Show

Where fashion meets luxury!

Exhibiting Partners At

With each exhibit, we endeavor to uphold the legacy of our ancestors while promoting the relevance of handcrafted textiles in a modern world. Our journey continues, driven by the belief that the cultural heritage expressed through textiles transcends borders, connecting people across continents in a shared appreciation for beauty, art, and tradition.

India Craft Week

Bringing together craftspersons, artisans, designers, and brands through craft installations, live demonstrations and cross-talks.