About Us

AADYAM HANDWOVEN  is a corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group working currently with 3 weaver communities in India namely Varanasi, Pochampally & Bhuj. Our vision is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the finest artisans in the country by supporting & selling their crafts and thus impacting their quality of life.

AADYAM HANDWOVEN strives to preserve age-old weaving techniques that have seamlessly transcended generations of artisan families, while simultaneously promoting these techniques to true connoisseurs of heritage.

We believe that marrying these techniques with contemporary design will create beautiful pieces that are globally appealing, and will help retain the roots of these intricate crafts. AADYAM HANDWOVEN believes in creating scale and impact by building sustainable models that will create value for both, its weavers and patrons.

Our aim is to support weavers by opening up new markets and ensuring benefits to the weaver through a transparent plough back of profits.To know more about our different clusters click here.

About Aditya Birla Group

A US $44.3 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. Anchored by an extraordinary force of over 120,000 employees, belonging to 42 nationalities. Over 50 percent of its revenues flow from its overseas operations, spanning 35 countries. It is the world's largest aluminium rolling company, No.1 in viscose staple fibre, amongst the largest producers of primary aluminium in Asia, and among the top 10 cement producers, globally. Anchored by 5 core values - integrity, passion, speed, seamlessness and commitment, the Group has been successfully endeavouring to deliver superior value to customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

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