pochampally ikat

Pochampally Ikat comes from a small town called Pochampally near Hyderabad, Telangana. It is an ancient tie and dye technique that creates patterns or designs on the yarn through a resist dyeing process. Once the threads are dyed, the resists are removed to reveal the design, which is then woven into the ikat fabric.

The fabric is unique with big, bold and bright patterns that evoke the tradition of the region. Today, artisans have begun to incorporate modern motifs that are abstract, modernist and geometric, using a palette composed of brilliant colours.


kutchi weaving

The artisans of Kutch weave stories using vibrant threads, with each piece being a labor of love - a precise, laborious, solitary task requiring them to work on the loom for days on end. The fabric, woven without the aid of a jacquard, is an expression of a heritage handed down through eleven generations.

While wool from locally-grown sheep is still used, artisans have begun to work with silk, acrylic, and cotton to cater to increasing demand. Weaving of a piece may take days to months, depending upon the intricacy and innovativeness of the design. The result is an understated piece of fabric that astounds with its wealth of staggeringly minute detail, when viewed up close.


banaras brocades

Steeped in centuries of tradition, Banarasi Brocades are recognised throughout India as a sign of opulence and elegance. Through the decades, brocade has been synonymous with luxury, and worn by nobility across cultures, from India to Korea. A heavy fabric with a raised pattern or floral design, brocade traditionally incorporates extra weft threads of different coloured silk or metallic threads, which are woven into the base fabric to form a pattern.

The range of Banaras weaves, and the skills of the Banaras weavers, are not found in any other single weaving centre in the country. Designs are so intricate that an individual piece could take anywhere between 14 days to six months to complete. Banaras brocades are an integral part of Indian weddings, and are cherished as heirlooms - passed down from generation to generation.