Barfi Black N White 14X20 Silk Brocade Cushion Cover

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Material Silk X Silk
Size 14" x 20"
Colour black
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Befitting a home that takes pride in endorsing and displaying traditional heritage art in functionality and style. A perfect encapsulation of years of craftsmanship.
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Weight 0.1500
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Size 14" x 20"
Material Silk X Silk
Cluster Benaras
Color black
Care Instructions Dry Clean Only
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Varanasi Benaras

Steeped in centuries of tradition, Benaras Brocades are recognised throughout the globe as a sign of opulence and elegance. Through the decades, Brocade has been worn by nobility across cultures. A Brocade fabric incorporates extra weft of different coloured silk or metallic yarns which are woven into the warp and weft to create ornate elaborate patterns, on a Jacquard loom. Using techniques that are as varied as Tanchoi, brocades, Khinkhwab and Gyasar.